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African President Cyril Ramaphosa also attended the closing ceremony.Xi arrived in Brasilia Tuesday night for

a statement.Those unnecessary▓ and unwarranted acts will harm the relations between the two sides and their common i▓nterests, the HKSAR government said▓, reiterating that foreign legislatures should not interfere in any form in the internal affa

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irs of the HKSAR.The passage of legisla▓tion also triggered con

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cerns about the econom▓ic prospects of Hong Kong among ec▓onomic experts in Hong Kong, who pointed ou▓t that restrictive trade measures that may be adopted could easily backfire."▓The bill is not in line with the inter

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ests of the United States," said Francis T▓. Lui, professor eme

nst the passage of a Hong Kong-related▓ legislation by the U.S. Congr▓ess has grown stronger in Ho

ritus of t▓he Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.Citing figures that the United State▓s has earned 297 billion U.S. dollars from trading with Hong Kong in the past ▓decade, the largest bilateral tr▓ade surplus amongst

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  • ▓authorities, experts
  • and business groups wa

its global tra▓ding partners, Lui said the U.S. move is not hel

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rned i▓t woul

▓pful in achieving its goal of balanced trade.Business associations also feared U.S. companies would fall victim to t

d not help calm

he bill as many of them have set up regional headquarters and ▓offices in Hong Kong and used the metropolis as a▓ base

down the curr

to explore other a wide range of Asia-Pacific markets.The American Cham▓ber of Commerce in Hong Kong has called fo▓r

ent situati

support for Hong Kong's special status, saying that many U.S. businesses fear▓ed that the bill, with the sections addre

on but only ha

ssing export controls and sanctions, could have counter-productive consequences on them.Chairman of the Hong Kong As

rm the int

sociation of China Business ▓Wong Ping also said U.S. enterprises will lose their most important and freest base in t

erests ▓of both s

he Asia-Pacific if Hong Kong was rescinded its status as a separate customs territory becaus▓e of the bill.Wong pointed

out that in▓ternational economic relation is not a▓bout one s

S. Congress h?/h2>

ide doing a favor for the other, warnin▓g that the United States might suffer greater losses once China takes up strong

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stronger in Hong Kong

countermeasures.Experts said while the U.S.▓ legislation would certainly have a▓n impact on Hong Kong's economy, it▓

y harm the

interests of both sid

would not be a critical one. It is rather the implementation of th▓e "one country, two systems" princi▓ple, the huge

sage of the Hong

Kong Human Rights a

mainland market and support from the central government that serves as▓ the strongest impetus behind Hong Kong's develo

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pm▓ent.In the latest move of support, ▓the mainland and HKSAR on Thursday updated an▓ agreement on liberalization and f

the HKSAR government said in
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